Other cacti in habitat

Frailea matoana Buining & Brederoo

Frailea matoana was discovered on 26.12.1967 by W. Uebelmann and L. Horst in Mato Grosso do Sul in the west of Brazil and was described by Buining & Brederoo in „Cact. & Succ. Journal of Amerika” in 1971. The plants grow solitary and reach up to 35 mm in diameter. The beautiful red spination is noticeable. According to P. Braun (Schumannia 3, 2002) the species was considered likely extinct. Braun visited the type habitat together with L. Horst in 1983 and found only very few plants in the now intensely agriculturally utilised area. In light of that, this new finding in the Serra da Maracaju is all the more enjoyable.