Catalogue :: Introduction

The seeds listed here are fresh and fully ripe. There are only limited quantities so packs of just 25 grain will be offered, unless noted otherwise.

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General advice

Please note that seeds of the genus Frailea germinate very quickly. Provided that it is sufficiently warm and moist, they often germinate within two days. Their power for germination diminishes relatively quickly, so the seeds should be sown without much delay. I got good results with this genus storing the seeds in a refrigerator. This helps to make their power for germination diminish far less dramatically.

Gymnos may be treated just like other genera when it comes to sowing. There are, of course, exceptions:

The species of the sub-genus Muscosemineum germinate better when there are slightly higher temperatures.

G. mihanovichii, megatae and hamatum should be kept in store for some time. In my experience fresh seeds of these species do not germinate. In this case you should always make test runs and gradually approach the right time for sowing. This might sound complicated, but it isn't.

Have fun!