03.03.07 Field numbers

With my list of field numbers the next category of the new version of this site is now available.

03.03.07 Picture of the month: March 2007

Gymnocalycium ritterianum WR 126

01.02.07 Picture of the month: February 2007

Gymnocalycium kroenleinii

13.01.07 19th AGG Gymnocalycium convention

The 19th edition of the Gymnocalycium convention of the AGG is taking place in Eugendorf/Austria from March 30th to April 1st of 2007. Everyone interested in the topic is welcome to participate and listen to the numerous speeches (most, though, are held in German). Please take a look at this year's programme.

01.01.07 Picture of the month: January 2007

Gymnocalycium eurypleurum VoS 17