04.12.06 Gymnos in habitat

Gymnocalycium saglionis (Cels) Britton & Rose

04.12.06 Picture of the month: December 2006

Gymnocalycium damsii ssp. evae var. torulosum VoS 37

01.11.06 Preview: revamped

Nothing lasts forever. After several years of dutiful service the old design and structure of are ripe for a fresh breath of air. The first pages sporting a new and (hopefully) simplified layout and structure are now available as preview versions - other categories will follow in due time.

Content-wise there will be changes, too. More than in the past, I'd like to lay the focus of on my own views and insights. Volker Schädlich

01.11.06 Picture of the month

Gymnocalycium anisitsii var. pseudo-malacocarpus VoS 51

01.11.06 Big picture of the habitat

Gymnocalycium chacoense VoS 260