01.04.16 Big picture of the habitat

G. sutterianum subsp. arachnispinum VoS 638

01.03.16 Picture of the month

G. campestre VoS 767

01.03.16 Big picture of the habitat

G. campestre VoS 1305

01.03.16 Field numbers

Sometimes nothing seems as transient as the names of cacti. :-( For seekers of cacti in the field it is often not easy to precisely identify newfound plants on location. Based on disseminated seeds it is later possible to correctly name the specimen in question. Well, and then there are new descriptions, re-combinations and so forth to consider. Because of that, it is important to always place the field number on the label as well, to prevent confusion when a name has changed. The updated entries can be found right here.

01.02.16 Picture of the month

Gymnocalycium marsoneri WR 159