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1. Gymnocalycium pflanzii subsp. dorisiae H. Amerhauser

description:    The subspecies differs from typical specimen in its mighty growth, a spinated crown and narrow ribs divided into tubercle-like humps. The crowns of these plants show a nearly black spination featuring up to 3 central spines. Flowers are smaller, usually 35 x 31 mm according to H. Amerhauser. The species mostly grows on weathered slate. Population is restricted to Cordillera de Mochara in the southern-bolivian province Tarija.

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range:    Bolivia, Prov. Tarija, Cordillera de Mochara 2300 m s. m.

blooming period in cultivation (Germany):    June to autumn

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place of finding:    habitat in Cordillera de Mochara

G. pflanzii subsp. dorisiae

fruit of G. pflanzii subsp. dorisiae

habitat in Dept. Tarja near Iscayachi

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