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1. Gymnocalycium monvillei (Lem.) Br. & R.

Syn. Echinocactus Monvillii Lemaire. Cact. Aliqu. Nov.14. 1838

description:    The plants grow individually and in groups with several heads. According to the state of the ground. G. monvillei constitutes flat or stake roots. The plants reach a height of 90 mm and a maximal diameter of 320 mm. The flower has a length of up to 70 mm and up to 80 mm in diameter. The color of the flower is white to pink.

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range:    Argentina, Prov. Cordoba, from Sierra Grande and Sierra Chica to the mountains in the south of Prov. Santiago del Estro.

blooming period in cultivation:    May

map:    There are about 100 locations which were already visited in the Prov. Cordoba. Only a few are marked in the map.

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