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The 19th international convention of Gymnocalycium will be taking place in Eugendorf/Austria from 30st of March until 01rd of April 2007. Topic: "20 years Gymnocalycium" Further information will be available here by January 2007.
Registration and booking of rooms with Helmut Amerhauser, Bahnweg 12, A-5301 Eugendorf
Tel. & Fax: ++43 (0) 6225 / 7222
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Graft of seedlings on Selenicereus Dr. Mario Wick: Graft of seedlings on Selenicereus My friend Mario shows how to quickly produce flower able plants (translated from German for this web site). This text is provided in pdf format. You may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at this location: Adobe Acrobat Reader

SACE Homepage South American Cactus Expeditions invites you to an extraordinary experience guiding you throughout some of the most diverse sites for cactus in Northern Argentina. You will not only experience an incredible contact with nature and environment, but also see a great variety of cactus, scenery and wildlife.

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These are some extracts of cacti parks I visited during my holidays on the canarys, in 1998 and 1999.
Tenerifa Cactus Park Tenerifa
Cran Canaria Cactualdea in Cran Canaria

The plants for the European market are growing in the fields beyond the park. Due to intense sunshine and the mild climate the plants are rapidly growing to enormous height.

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