Cactus Austria, homepage of Hannes Proschko. Featuring a lot of pictures of different cacti. (ENG / GER)

Quite a lot of new descriptions were published by G. Neuhuber, a specialist in all things Gymnocalycium from Austria. His homepage Gymnocalycium (GER)

A lot of interesting pictures about genus Gymnocalycium by Takashi Shimada from Japan. (ENG / JAP)

homepage of the Dutch-Belgian Society of Cactus-and Succulent Amateurs Succulenta (ENG / NL)

More interesting information about genus Gymnocalycium by Ulrich Creutzburg from Cottbus. (ENG / GER)

Achim Hecktheur`s homepage. (ENG / GER)

Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall, everything for growers of cacti and Succulent plants. (MULTILINGUAL)

The first electronic magazin concerning the genus Echinocereus, a really good and informative page by Martina and Andreas Ohr. (ENG / GER)

South American cacti page by Franz Kuehhas. (ENG / GER)

homepage of the Kakteenverein Ortsgruppe Solothurn, Switzerland (GER)

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